Loving Rocky Mount, NC and so Thankful!

Loving Rocky Mount, NC and so Thankful!
Dear Cathy,
As John and I sit on the back porch and look out over our backyard, we just know that the Lord has blessed us by moving us down to Rocky Mount, NC. We LOVE IT HERE! We have even moved my mom down to Spring Arbor in Rocky Mount.

This is a cool story that you might enjoy. The day following Hurricane Matthew, we were not aware the Englewood had cancelled the early morning service, so we arrived to an empty parking lot. We noticed the sign on the door stating the only service would be an hour later. We decided to go explore. As we headed out of the parking lot, God opened my eyes to the Spring Arbor sign across the street. I wondered, could this be too good to be true? I had been driving back and forth to VA 2 times a week. During this time, Mom seemed to be growing weaker and less joyous. We prayed and I had others pray for God’s guidance. He was already moving and guiding. He brought all one thousand pieces together and 2 weeks ago my mom officially became a Tar Heel. There was about 1 day of confusion and disorientation but since then, she has returned to her sweet, joyous self. I can go and see her every day as I run back and forth on Winstead. We sit in her room and watch the traffic go by. She loves it here… well, actually, she thinks they have just moved her to a different room in VA.

I remember you told us the best thing about Rocky Mount was the people. Well, you were exactly right. Everyone has been so friendly and accepting of us Virginians. We have joined Englewood and plugged right in. John will even start teaching Sunday School in January and we have joined in a prayer group for East Asia workers. We discovered Moravian pies in Wilson and Smith’s Sausage and Cookies and the Honey Baked Ham Shoppe for good lunches. We are truly home until God calls us to his home.

I hope you and Randy have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Please keep in touch as your time allows. I have still not officially met your friend Kay, but I have seen her and will follow up. God Bless you and your family. Donna and John Robinett